Accessories to accommodate your production needs

Stage FX stocks a full line of rigging hardware and accessories, including truss, base plates, cement ballast, and more.

Truss Grapple for 12″ truss or 20.5″ truss
The Grapple allows you to make inline 90-degree connections between similar trusses anywhere along a perpendicular primary truss. The load capacity of the inline truss will carry 75 percent of the manufacturer’s load rating. The primary truss must have point load calculations taken into consideration. The secondary trusses must be supported at both ends. Cantilevering of truss is not recommended.

Truss Bolts and Truss Clamps
Each piece of truss that is rented out is accompanied by four 15/16″ Grade 8 truss bolts, two Grade 8 washers, and one 15/16″ Grade 8 nut. We also carry a full line of c-clamps, spanset, shackles, steels (wire rope), and cement ballast.

Truss Base Plates
Our Aluminum 30″ x 30″ truss base has bolt patterns drilled out for 12″x 12″ box truss and 20.5″ x 20.5″ box truss. We also stock 4′ x 4′ steel truss base plates that have bolt patterns drilled out for 12″ x 12″ box truss and 20.5″ x 20.5″ box truss. Base plates are great for making truss arches or for free-standing truss sticks.